The bench framework, built in sturdy, electro welded plate steel, comes in one block section fitted
with eyebolts to facilitate lifting, transport and installation. The motors, brakes, safety guards,
water tank etc. are all pre-assembled on the bench.
The drawing capstan and rings are made of steel cast, and plasma hot coated with a tick layer of
tungsten carbide are available.
AC motors controlled by direct torque control inverters are preferred for their numerous
advantages (low maintenance, high power  efficiency, and optimal speed regulations) power is
transmitted by belts and pulleys to the drawing rings and capstan. Motors are mounted vertically at
the top of the bench Electrical safety switches make sure the machine cannot be run if safety
guards are open.
All electrical, electro-mechanical and electronic components come from leading suppliers and are
available world wide, including the DTC inverters for AC motor control, which are supplied by ABB.
The electrical equipment is lodged in dustproof cabinets that can be opened from both the front
and the back. The line energy analyzer is mounted on the front of the main cabinet.
MKS WET DRAWING machine has pay-off, drawing unit, coating unit, dancer unit, and spooler.
Carbon : low 
Number of dies : up to 21 
inlet Dia .  : 2.7 mm MAX 
Outlet Dia. : 0.2 mm MIN

Machine photos