Mekosan was established in 1997 in Kayseri in Turkey. Since the partners of Mekosan have a large experience in steel wire and cable sector Mekosan began the activities especially for wire and cable industry.


At the beginning wire drawing machine and the automation systems are the basic production and business for Mekosan. In the time being Mekosan has experiences in different branches.


The main businesses can be classified as :


Wire Drawing Machine Production : The technology of the machine is growing year by year. There are different types of machines for different applications.  The accessories of the machine also in the production range. There are many wire drawing lines which are working in different customers. Most of them are in Turkey in the leader companies in wire industry. Also there are running machines in abroad in different countries.

Since R&D is very important for Mekosan, Mekosan developed the first machine based on torque motor system. With this system customers have many advantages;


  1. More than %10 energy saving
  2. Since there are no gear box, V-belt, bearings, so low maintenance, no failures and low cost production
  3. Very few oil waste and no noise for the environment
  4. The place of the machine is %40 narrower than the others and the area of the factory can be used very effective
  5. Since there is no moving components like V-Belt, motor etc. so the worker safety is very high and safety cost is very few. (The blocks are under the safety lock covers)



Automatic Packaging Machine for Tubes and Profiles : The production of this machine began in 2005. Now Mekosan is a well known company in the tube and profile industry in Turkey and also in Europe by the tube mills machine manufacturers. More than 90 packaging machine lines are running in different customers. Some machines are running in different countries.


Besides the packaging lines Mekosan added jute packing and tube and profile painting lines to the production range. Painting line started with 2 tubes , and developed to 3 and 5 tubes together. There more than 19 lines are running, mostly in Turkey. With these two new machines Mekosan provides new alternatives to the customers and customers can complete the packaging units in their productions with painted packages or with jute packages for safety transports for long distances.





Automation System Engineering : Mekosan is an integrated company that electronic and mechanic engineering has been used together. Because of this, there are many automation  systems were signed by Mekosan. For example waste water treatment automations, energy saving systems, Scada systems for different applications, lift and crane applications etc.


Although Mekosan is an engineering and machine production company, also known as a drive and motor supplier in Turkish Drive Market. With the strong engineering team, Mekosan is one of the most important partner of ABB in drives and motors. Mekosan is not only a distributer of ABB drives also one of the Drive Alliance Partner as a service supplier in Turkey. ( ABB has 3 partners on this subject.)


In the Mekosan team there are 100 workers and 30 engineers are working in two production plants in 10.000 square meters area.


Mekosan wants to be a well known company in the world with its technology and quality. Because of this vision, all the team works very hard and follows the last technology which can be applied to the systems. So  with this vision and mission %30 of production is for foreign countries such as


USA, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, UK, Greece, Poland, Italy, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, India, Cameroon,  etc..


The target is to increase the export to %60 of the total production.


Some of the machine types produced by Mekosan are given below :



·                     Steel Wire Drawing Machine 

·         Vertical axis multiple block dancer arm speed synchronized

·         Inclined axis multiple block dancer arm speed synchronized

·                     Mesh wire Drawing Machine

·                     Vertical Pay-off 

·                     Spooler

·                     Coiler

·                     Coiler Lift Unit

·                     Mechanical Descaling Unit




·         Copper wire drawing from 8 mm to 1,20 mm double wire drawing

·         Copper wire drawing from 1 mm to 0,10 mm for 16 wires.

·         Electrolytic Copper Wire Drawing Machine

-  inlet  diameter Ø 0,8 -1,00 mm

                      - outlet  diameter Ø 0,010 -0,250 mm

·         Motorized Pay-off for  Ø630 spool

·         Motorized Pay-off for  Ø1000 spool

·         Corrugator

·         Tape  Pay-off for data cable

·         Caterpillar



·         Automatic Tube and Profile Packaging line

·         Jute packing line

·         Tube and Profile Painting Line